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Prous Institute SymmetryProof of Concept

Prous Institute has validated the Symmetry technology with the discovery of preclinical candidates in different disease areas including cancer, diabetes and neurodegeneration.

In the area of neurodegenerative diseases, our research studies have focused on the design of compounds able to modulate neuroplasticity through different molecular mechanisms of action as well as through the cellular process of autophagy and associated neurodegenerative lysosomal disorders.

These research efforts resulted in the synthesis of two series of compounds:
• A series exhibiting neuroplasticity modulating activities which have been experimentally validated in a series of cognitive and social recognition tests in the FmR1 Fragile X
knockout mouse model
• A series of autophagy inducers with tissue repair properties in a model of optic nerve axotomy

Experimental molecular mechanism of action profiling has confirmed the initial hypotheses generated with Symmetry. The platform has also permitted the selection of compounds displaying adequate toxicity and safety profiles.

Lead candidates derived from these programs are currently being explored in a mouse model of Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease respectively.

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