Prous Institute Symmetry,  the world’s first integrated predictive platform for drug discovery and safety evaluation.

Symmetry enables the generation of new research hypotheses and elucidates the therapeutic and safety profile of small molecules. Symmetry helps to de-risk and prioritize projects and assays and speed up drug discovery and development, reducing time, costs and attrition rates.


Prous Institute Symmetry Models

Symmetry Global Mechanism of Action (GMoA) Model elucidates the probable molecular targets and mode of action of small molecules by screening more than 1,000 relevant MoAs simultaneously in a single predictive model. Read more


Prous Institute Symmetry Proof of Concept

Prous Institute has applied the Symmetry platform in the successful design of novel compounds. The most advanced program, JRP-655, is a new molecular entity for the treatment of Fragile X syndrome and other CNS disorders associated to neuroplasticity impairment. Read more


Partnerships & Research Collaborations

Research collaborations and commercial partnerships are an integral component of our strategy. Combining our partners’ capabilities with Prous Institute’s expertise we can successfully provide the scientific community with enhanced tools for developing safer and more effective medicines. Read more


Drug Discovery Contract Research

We help our clients expand their drug discovery and development capabilities by leveraging our innovative computational technologies and experimental expertise. Custom services include in silico screening, library generation, design of novel compounds for a particular target or therapeutic area, experimental validation of research hypotheses and predictive analytics solutions. Read more


SDDPSystemic Drug Discovery Program

Prous Institute has embarked on an ambitious program aimed at creating the fullest picture of what the therapeutic future may be. By mining big data it’s possible to derive knowledge that would otherwise remain hidden.

About Prous Institute for Biomedical Research

We are committed to supporting greater efficiencies in the discovery and development of novel therapies through the application of our proprietary computational tools and methods.
Our uniqueness and core competencies reflect more than 50 years of experience creating and managing biomedical knowledge.